Body Love

Lov the body you have

‘Body Love’ is a big driver of the body image movement. This is something that has captured my attention upon graduating from my nutrition course last year. The first realisation for me was when I started to find the before and after pictures on social media a little disturbing. This was mainly because many of those images were also heavily focussed on the ‘happiness’ at the end point or at the ‘result’ of weight loss. I know that these images tell a story, be it hope or a struggle and I’m in no way denigrating these people. My little beef with this lies with people often associating these images with ‘health’, especially skinny = healthy. I began to question ‘is this what people think ‘body love’ is?

I believe the ‘body love’ message is respecting how diverse our bodies are in ability, shape and size. Let’s take the focus off the ‘what they look like’ or ‘how heavy they are’ as a message of health to ‘what they can do’ message of health.

My message here is to let a little more of the self-love and acceptance in and consider what our amazing human body can do. Our bodies breathe life into us every day, they can grow a new human being, absorbs nutrients from food to keep us living, release the ‘happy chemicals’ endorphins when we exercise, BLAH…BLAH BLAH. I could go on forever with this.

This is where I see my role as a nutritionist as an important one, especially in nurturing my clients understanding of ‘body love’. I hope to bring them to an understanding of the self-love and care we need to give ourselves to make peace with the food choices we make.

1 thought on “Body Love”

  1. I love, love, LOVE this! This approach should be such a cornerstone for anyone who is supporting people to achieve health. I’m so impressed and delighted that you’re including it in your practice.

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