Boosting Children’s Brain Fitness

The human brain is a fascinating organ that we continue to learn more about. The fitness of the brain is also known as cognitive fitness. Cognitive fitness is the “state of optimized ability to reason, remember, learn, plan, and adapt.”[1] Maintaining brain health and fitness relies on a number of factors; optimal nutrition, regular physical… Continue reading Boosting Children’s Brain Fitness

Who is the gatekeeper of your child’s lunch box?

Prepping school lunch boxes can be the bane of one's existence. In Australia there's about 200 teaching days so that means 200 school lunches, and that's only if you have one child! As a teacher I get to see many variations of lunch box contents everyday and I'm well aware of the judgement placed on… Continue reading Who is the gatekeeper of your child’s lunch box?

An Open Letter to my Teacher

  I have the privilege of working in schools in my capacity as both a teacher and nutritionist. Earlier this year I wrote an article about the over-policing of school lunch boxes that hit a nerve with many. While I am highly critical about ‘Healthy Lunch Box’ policies, I do understand where teachers are coming… Continue reading An Open Letter to my Teacher

Saving Our Children from Diet Culture

Our current society places body size and shape on a very high pedestal. We are all too familiar with the catch-cries that associate lack of exercise and poor dietary habits with obesity and lifestyle related diseases. Body image is used to sell us an ideal of health and we’re bombarded with frequent messages that we… Continue reading Saving Our Children from Diet Culture

Mind Your Own Lunch Box

As the school year begins here in Australia so does the lunch box routine. Over the last few years school lunch boxes have become a battleground as a means to fight obesity and also to identify what’s considered healthy and unhealthy. You’ll read in mainstream media that a number of schools around Australia are implementing… Continue reading Mind Your Own Lunch Box

Why I didn’t do 10,000 steps?

I thought I’d write this after I posted a picture on my Facebook account of my dinner last night. It was a bowl of ice cream. Yes, I scream for ice cream too but I thought that through this blog I'd point out something about 'dieting or non-dieting' mentality. This is a screenshot of my… Continue reading Why I didn’t do 10,000 steps?

7 Tips for Holiday Eating – Keeping Healthy with Kids

Holidays can be a tricky time for parents when it comes to feeding children. Routines and environments change so this may require new feeding decisions to be made. Even though eating is a habitual behaviour, holidays can change the food choices made. Sometimes there’s a lapse in routine and tiredness sets in, resulting in food… Continue reading 7 Tips for Holiday Eating – Keeping Healthy with Kids

Learning to Change Your Eating Habits

Change is hard! When we think about dietary changes we usually go down the road of an overhaul. This may be a meal plan, a 12 week challenge or eating less and moving more. While it’s a positive move to prioritise your health, you usually bite off more than you can chew! (Laugh here!) The… Continue reading Learning to Change Your Eating Habits

Total Body Mass vs Body Weight

First let’s do some Maths literacy and look at defining ‘mass, weight and matter’. Mass is the quantity of matter of an object. Matter is anything that takes up space by having volume. Weight is how heavy something is, so the amount of force that acts on the mass. The human body is made up… Continue reading Total Body Mass vs Body Weight


I’ve learnt... My first year as a nutritionist and my 22nd year as a teacher and what a year it has been!  I've learnt so much about myself and the new world in which I’ve immersed myself in. This year I have worked in so many different teaching roles and managed to write a business plan,… Continue reading 2017 IN REVIEW