I’ve learnt... My first year as a nutritionist and my 22nd year as a teacher and what a year it has been!  I've learnt so much about myself and the new world in which I’ve immersed myself in. This year I have worked in so many different teaching roles and managed to write a business plan,… Continue reading 2017 IN REVIEW

Why it’s not always nutrition?

Great! I got you in with the headline! Keep reading and I’ll get to the point pretty quickly! These days all you seem to see on social media is that food is our medicine, a magic potion being a cure for all kinds of diseases and ailments, yet it’s also spruiked as our poison. Then… Continue reading Why it’s not always nutrition?

Body Love

'Body Love' is a big driver of the body image movement. This is something that has captured my attention upon graduating from my nutrition course last year. The first realisation for me was when I started to find the before and after pictures on social media a little disturbing. This was mainly because many of… Continue reading Body Love