Primary School Incursions

build a plateEmbracing Nutrition works with primary schools to provide nutrition and health programs that promote healthy eating through engaging students with practical ‘hands on’ learning experiences. Incursions can be tailored to suits your school’s needs and to meet the requirements of your Health and Physical Education or Science unit. Connections to the Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical, Intercultural, Personal and Social can also be catered for. Alternatively, you may choose from the suggested programs below. All programs are devised in light of the Victorian Curriculum.

All programs are 1 hour.

Foundation/Prep – 2

SENSEsational Food

A fun and engaging workshop where children will go on adventure through the senses. They will explore a range of foods and investigate how they can learn to like foods. Activities are designed to evoke curiosity about food through the five senses and build food literacy.

Years 3-6


This fun and interactive workshop encourages curiosity about food and our food environment.  Students will investigate a variety of food and how it supports the body to grow and learn. They will examine their local community foodscape and how it influences their food choices and the power of persuasion in food marketing. 

Years 5-6

HAPPY BODIES (90 minutes)

Happy Bodies is a body image workshop designed for pre-teens to understand the physical, social and emotional impact of their changing bodies. A range of interactive and collaborative tasks engage students in discussion about growth and development, the influence of media on body image perception and how we can all tune into our bodies better. The concept of self image is explored along with how body neutrality and positivity can improve self esteem.