Teacher Professional Learning

Teacher Professional learning imageEmbracing Nutrition supports teachers and schools in understanding evidence based information about food and nutrition established around the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. Teacher professional learning as well as personal development is offered from a range of topics  and can be tailored to suit your school’s needs. Sessions include understanding the literacy of nutrition and the importance of delivering positive messages about foods, eating and the body. Here are some suggested topics.

Feeding a Child’s Brain

  • The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and the Victorian Curriculum
  • Learning strategies that support healthy eating
  • Positive and problematic language about health and nutrition
  • The body positive message
  • Useful resources

Well Teachers = Well Students

  • Health and wellbeing defined
  • Stress management through diet
  • Lifestyle balance

Feeding a Teacher’s Brain

  • Boosting energy through nutrition
  • Food myths
  • Process over progress
  • Quality nutrition and eating for health

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